Phoenix Wonderpott

Phoenix Wonderpott


Nothing is more delightful then a delicious cup of tea with your friends, the warm comfort of the most homely of beverages. Tea accompanies us in many moments, celebration, sadness, boredom, concentration and it is about time (in my opinion) that we found a worthy guardian to accompany tea!


The Phoenix is a symbol of transformation and rebirth and I certainly experienced this whilst making this magnificent guy. Each feather was moulded with such care and love, he is a wonderful addition to any tea party, polite, humble and well mannered, there's no better creature to guard your tea!


These Wonderpotts will keep your tea warm and safe in their firey belly and, when its nice and brewed, will dutifully, gladly and gracefully throw it up into your favourite mug....try and pour it without an audible 'BLLEERRRRGHHHH'...I dare yah! 

Wonderpotts are my love letter to tea, to the connection it brings and comfort it gives. It would break my heart to think that the magic of tea was ever lost to the everyday repetative making of it. It is so easy to forget the joy of the smallest pleasures and these Wonderpotts are here to remind you of the magic available to you in every moment, if you choose to see it! 


This is a 24oz teapot, perfect for a tea party for four! 


Wonderpotts are made from recycled teapots, and decorated with polymer clay all by hand! No moulds used here, just my creative fingers, and many many days of devotion and love.