Intuitively Channelled Handpoked Tattoos 


My name is Alice, I believe that tattoos hold an ancient power. 


It is no small decision to have something poked onto your body forever,  it can be an empowering and sacred experience, this is what I aim to create for you.


 I am passionate about co-creating designs that hold deep personal meaning to the client and represent their sacred earthly journey. These tattoos become your personal talismans of protection and love. Created with deep intention and devotion to the beauty of YOU.

The magic starts in the design consultation, it is important for me to get to know the client a little and truly understand the meaning of the tattoo they desire. From there I can doodle a few ideas and am happy to change and tweak the design until the client feels a full body YES to the design.

The process of hand-poking the tattoo is longer than a machine method but I know that creating a positive experience is key, the present moment will be captured forever in the tattoo and it is so important that you feel safe, secure and comfortable.


It is a more traditional way of receiving a tattoo and a ceremonial event. The tattoo is for YOU I am just the vessel that can bring your deepest truths to the surface of your skin.

I am currently travelling around England but I am soon to settle in Totnes, Devon

Gallery of my previous work below!

Contact me directly to claim your tattoo spot and lets cocreate some magINK

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