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the 3 month journey of homecoming, feminine empowerment and soulful storytelling


Welcome magical being,

You have the unique, once in a lifetime privilege of seeing this sweet planet as YOU.

There’s nobody who has ever lived or will ever live who will walk your exact path, you have a story to tell, you are writing it every day in your choices, actions and thoughts.

Does your story excite you? 

Or do feel trapped in your narrative, out of control or lost in its pages?

Every woman has a unique journey.

Your story is a tale of victories and hardships woven together to make you who you are today. It is hard to embrace the wholeness of who you are when we live in a society that breeds shame, guilt and self doubt.

As women we are surrounded by stories that tell us we are not pretty enough, not confident enough, maybe we are TOO confident, its almost as if we can't win!


I am here to walk with you on this journey of radical self acceptance, reclaiming your power and handing you the pen so you can write the story of YOUR life.


You ARE magical, you were not brought to earth to play small or hide, you deserve to embrace your wholeness, tell your story with love and passion, to feel empowered in your life, to take up space, speak your truth and be SEEN. 


Now is the time to step into the truth of who you are, reclaim your feminine power and write your own story.

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We are all stories in the end...

Stories are a huge part of our history and culture….we learn from them, they are passed down from generation to generation.


You have a whole library of stories within you, the stories you tell yourself in your darkest moments, the stories others told you about who you are supposed to be, the stories that society have given you, the ancient stories deep within you that hold the truth of who you are. When we start to identify the stories that we allow to narrate our life we can reflect on if they are really serving us.


Are they making us the best version of ourselves?

Are they making us happy? And the greatest part is if they are not, we can rewrite them, we have that power, YOU are the author of your life.



Are you ready to uncover the true story of you?

Are you ready to take back your power?

Are you ready to reclaim your feminine wisdom?

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Copy of Copy of Beige and Gray Minimalis

This journey is for you if...

* You feel powerless in your life

* You currently feel like a victim to your circumstance

* You are playing small or hiding away from the true power you hold

* You feel lost in stories of unworthiness

* You know you are destined for something more but feel like you are sabotaging yourself

* You feel disconnected from the truth of who you are

* You want to do the deep inner work but don't know where to start

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Where do we go on our journey together?

This programme includes:

* 12x 1:1 coaching calls with me over 3 months 

*  A parcel to begin your journey containing:

-The magical book -to record your journey over the next 3 months…watch your story unfold

-A wishing box to place your intentions, desires and biggest lessons

-Magic Wand A pen to cast your spells and record your unfolding

-Message in a bottle – a personal message from me for the start of your journey, you have taken the first step, this is AMAZING.

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This journey will be personally tailored to you and your needs, but some topics we will explore are...

A New Chapter….the begining of your journey, you tell me your story so far and we set intentions for our time together


Meet the Goblins - We dive straight into some inner critic work (i like to call them the goblins!) We will identify where the inner critic shows up in your life and how you can befriend them

Meet your Wise Sage - every woman has a deep inner knowing, a wise sage that lives within her. We journey to meet your wise sage and cultivate your relationship to her in everyday life


Your fae friends - the fae freinds are you natural gifts! your talents, passions and joyful moments. In these sessions we dive deeply into the things that bring you joy, and explore how you can create more joy in your life

Meet the Dragon - Dragons are not the enemy as they are often portrayed in modern fairytales, in fact they are sacred guardians of the earth. A symbol of embodied, powerful feminine and masculine energy, they are balanced but powerful. Meeting your inner dragon is about embodying your feminine power and PASSION, how can we bring more dragon to your everyday life?

Are you ready to take back the pen and write your own story?!

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Your character - Exploring how you are supported by all of the characters we have met on our journey, the goblins, the sage, the fae and the dragon. Who are you at your core?


Being the Storyteller We explore how you take ownership of your story, are you feeling empowered or shrinking to make others feel better? 

The next chapterWe dive deeply into how you will integrate the lessons and breakthroughs you have experienced on this journey together into your life, and how you are going to move forward as the author of your life


Meet your Intuitive Guide  Alice of the Wonderwagon

I'm Alice, a few years ago I was set to be a Marine Biologist, I even landed my dream placement in New Zealand! After a few months of working harder and longer hours then I ever had before, I found myself feeling lost, exhausted and with rock bottom self esteem, so low in fact that I made myself extremely ill. 


My body, mind and spirit were crying out for change and I was forced to listen.

After my recovery, I was determined to live my life with more fun, play and joy. I started to discover my creativity, I drew and painted non stop and it felt like coming home to myself again and again.

realised how much healing and growth my creative practise had given me and knew this creativity and joy was available to all women, the ability to create art translates to our ability to create the life we deeply desire.


Through my tattooing and holding women's circles all over the world I have discovered the deep power of holding space for women. To be deeply listened to and witnessed is some the most potent medicine a woman can receive and I am here to provide the container for your transformation. 

The world needs more creative, confident, powerful women. I am here to walk with you whilst you do the deep inner work required to fully awaken to your magic.


This journey combines all the creative techniques I have learnt over the years to help you create the life you deeply desire and remember your magic.

Are you ready to awaken to your magic and take back the pen?!